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A leading manufacturer & supplier of premium quality PP/HDPE Woven Fabric Rolls, PP/HDPE Woven Sacks/Bags, High Quality Plain PP/HDPE Laminated/Unlaminated Woven Sacks/Bags & Printed PP/HDPE Woven Sacks/Bags, PP/HDPE Flexo Printed Laminated Sacks/Bags and Specialist of All Big Size Tubing PP/HDPE Woven Sacks/Bags/Bori products in India.

About Us

Vasudev Enterprise is a customer-focused supplier and manufacturer that strives to fulfil customers' demands. We provide HDPE/PP Woven Bags, HDPE/PP Woven Laminated Fabric, HDPE/PP Woven Fabric Rolls and HDPE/PP Woven Jumbo Bags, among other items, all of which come with a quality guarantee. We have the resources needed to offer our customers the finest results at reasonable prices. We operate honestly and give a good assortment to our clients from the beginning of our business.

We operate methodically, according to the criteria that have been established for our industry. Our employees keep up to speed on changes in government legislation and market trends that affect us so that they can function effectively. Our law-abiding firm likewise pays its taxes and dues on time since we appreciate and follow Indian standards. We also accept constructive criticism positively since it aids our inventiveness and propels us forward on the road to success.

We built a production plant with cutting-edge gear to produce the highest quality Sacks and Fabrics with the highest quality differences possible. We provide the highest-quality products with the least amount of denier fluctuation. We have a specialized team of professionals that analyze diverse applications and develop a process solution in a short amount of time. We provide high-quality services and products at a reasonable price. Our management translates excellence at a low cost to be available to the customers whenever they need it. With ERP's help, we can function. Because of recurring transactions at all phases, including procurement and manufacturing, our management enables thorough quality control, timely paperwork following shipments, and minimal production delays. We provide packaging that is recyclable, long-lasting and biodegradable. In addition, we make bags with or without handles. We manufacture bags ranging in weight from 20-75 kg.

The customers can place their order immediately by contacting us at the number given or visiting us personally at our offices.

Industries We Serve

  • Agro Products 
  • Animal Supplements
  • Cattle Feed
  • Cement 
  • Chemicals 
  • Concrete Components
  • Dates
  • Fertilizers 
  • Fish Meal 
  • Flour

  • Foam 
  • Food Grains
  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Ginning 
  • Lentils
  • Maida
  • Metal Parts 
  • Plastic 
  • Polymer Resins
  • Pulses

  • Rice
  • Rope 
  • Salt
  • Sand 
  • Sugar
  • Garments 
  • Toys 
  • UPVC and CPVC Pipe Fittings
  • Wheat
  • Yarn, etc.

Why Us?

  • Our pricing is reasonable and competitive
  • Materials used in the production are of superior quality with an international grade range
  • Delivery is efficient and timely
  • Our products can be customized
  • Our infrastructure has been upgraded
  • A dedicated and skilled team of technicians, researchers, salespeople, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be our customers' first and best choice partner for all their packaging needs, consistently surpassing their expectations and providing them with extra value.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be the most dependable Indian packaging provider available. We provide custom sizes/designed and high-quality woven polypropylene bags, such as HDPE/PP Woven Bags/Sacks and PP Flexo Printed Laminated Bags, to guarantee the customers that our supply chain remains uninterrupted. We also have a large assortment of packaging products to meet our customers' packaging requirements.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Honesty, trust, integrity and a dedication to excellence deliver an excellent product range for our customers.
  • All encounters should be nurtured to build mutually beneficial long-term connections.
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